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KASSAA track and field results, Day 1

Posted: May 13th, 2015 @ 11:09pm

Top three performances in each event Wednesday on the first day of the Kingston Area Secondary Schools Athletic Association track and field championships, at Richardson Stadium and Caraco Field:


1,500 Metres

Senior — Ben Workman (Kingston) 4 minutes 5.3 seconds, Kieran L’Abbe (Kingston) 4:08.1, Jonathan Besselink (Holy Cross) 4:09.4.

Junior — Paul Bates (Regiopolis Notre Dame) 4:29.3, Alex Drover (Kingston) 4:31.2, Chase Badalato (Holy Cross) 4:50.9.

Midget — Jack Rowlatt (Frontenac) 4:39.7, Noah Frymire (Kingston) 4:40,8, Aaron Poirier (Marie-Rivier) 4:46.5.

Intermediate Hurdles

Senior, 400 metres — Chad McInnes (Sydenham) 1 minute 1.8 seconds, Ryan Gibson (Sydenham) 1:03.0, Ben Amos (Sydenham) 1:07.1.

Junior, 300 metres — Merik Wilcock (Sydenham) 42.9 seconds, Ryland Clark (Napanee) 44.4, Xavier Chabot (Marie-Rivier) 45.0.

Midget, 300 metres — Tommy Pendergast (Holy Cross) 46.5, Lucas Pereira (Sydenham) 50.7.


Senior — Chris Sparks (Frontenac) 34.83 metres, Aiden Erkan (Ernestown) 34.35, Hartley Norris (Frontenac) 33.92.

Junior — Adam Burggraf (Bayridge) 43.26 metres, Will Sanderson (Sydenham) 38.66, Jacob Phillips (Loyalist) 29.55.

Midget — Ryan Brown (Loyalist) 31.87, Jared Amos (Sydenham) 29.54, Toban Bradlynn (Kingston) 27.73.


Senior — Ben Cross (Frontenac) 52.99 metres, Brady Robertson (Sydenham) 42.17, Samuel Lebeau-Joubert (Marie-Rivier) 40.68.

Junior — Adam Burggraf (Bayridge) 41.21 metres, Will Sanderson (Sydenham) 36.14, Dawson Robertson (Sydenham) 32.64.

Midget — Jeremy Piazzi (La Salle) 44.06, Jerrod White (Napanee) 34.40, Brock Vale (Napanee) 32.06.



1,500 Metres

Senior — Jaycee Farmer (Kingston) 5 minutes 15.2 seconds, Danielle Gossage (Sydenham) 5:20.6, Rachel Porter (Kingston) 5:38.1.

Junior — Jacquelyn Quesnel (Kingston) 5:07.5, Mary Besselink (Holy Cross) 5:18.1, Waverly Mulligan (Kingston) 5:19.6.

Midget — Brogan MacDougall (Regiopolis Notre Dame) 4:50.3 (record, old record 4:52.1, by Branna MacDougall, Regi, 2013), Danielle Adam (Sydenham) 5:34.2, Emma Taggart (Regiopolis Notre Dame) 5:39.0.

Intermediate Hurdles

Senior, 300 metres — Shayla Moore (Holy Cross) 1 minute 11.9 seconds, Nicole Zohorsky (Bayridge) 1:12.9, Brittany Patterson (Sydenham) 1:15.9.

Junior, 300 metres — Claire Millard (Loyalist) 49.2 seconds, Andreanne Menard (Marie-Rivier) 49.7, Lauren Carson (Loyalist) 50.2.

Midget, 300 metres — Brianna Burgess (Sydenham) 58.1, Hailey Janes (Napanee) 55.4, Maya Kotsovolos (La Salle) 57.6.


Senior — Hailey Wolfgram (Regiopolis Notre Dame) 31.19 metres, Leah Hill (Napanee) 27.35, Genny Fawcett (Frontenac) 26.75.

Junior — Emily Fawcett (Holy Cross) 31.10, Mackenzie Ryan (Sydenham) 22.70, Morgan Hamilton (Sydenham) 19.58.

Midget — Mary Baker (Regiopolis Notre Dame) 22.09, Samantha Kempe (Granite Ridge) 19.51, Jordan VAndermeer (Bayridge) 19.39.


Senior — Katherine Newton (Sydenham) 27.55 metres, Taigan Ardern (Napanee) 26.02, Cassidy Trueman (Sydenham) 25.36.

Junior — Sian Lloyd (Sydenham) 23.37, Emily Fawcett (Holy Cross) 22.39, Mackenzie Ryan (Sydenham) 22.19.

Midget — Kaitlin Edwards (La Salle) 28.55, Mary Baker (Regiopolis Notre Dame) 24.98, Jocelyn Miles (Sydenham) 22.71.


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