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To buy or not to buy  March 2nd, 2016
I guess we’ll see. When the brochure arrived the other day with information about renewing season tickets for the coming Queen’s University football season, the eye of the Commerce grad cum thrift monger went, as you may expect, directly to the price. People had been wondering... [Read More]
Gaels to host Western in maiden game at new stadium  December 10th, 2015
By CLAUDE SCILLEY They’re smiling today at the site where the new Richardson Stadium is being built. That’s because the folks who write the Ontario University Athletics football schedule just gave them a three-week cushion for a Christmas present. The schedule, released... [Read More]
Ceremony marks start—and progress—of stadium project  December 5th, 2015
By CLAUDE SCILLEY Stu Lang was excited Saturday to see the progress that’s been made on a project he was instrumental in creating. “It’s farther along than I thought,” he said. “It’s great.” Lang, the former Golden Gaels football and hockey player,... [Read More]
Curtis Carmichael wins Russ Jackson award  November 27th, 2015
Curtis Carmichael of the Queen’s Golden Gaels has been named winner of the Russ Jackson award, given to the Canadian university football player who best displays athletic ability, academic achievement and citizenship. An academic all-Canadian last year, Carmichael, a fourth-year... [Read More]
Western dominates OUA football all-stars; two Gaels, Mitch O'Connor named to second team  November 11th, 2015
Eight members of the regular-season champion Western Mustangs have been named to the Ontario University Athletics football all-star team, which was announced Wednesday. Quarterback Will Finch, who led the Mustangs as they became the highest-scoring team in the history of Canadian university... [Read More]
Gaels receiver Chris Osei-Kusi named to all-rookie team  November 11th, 2015
Receiver Chris Osei-Kusi is the only member of the Queen’s Golden Gaels to have been named to the Ontario University Athletics football all-rookie team, which was announced Tuesday. Osei-Kusi, an arts student from Brampton, dressed for five games this year and caught three passes for... [Read More]
Requiem for a stadium  November 1st, 2015
 By CLAUDE SCILLEY They came not to celebrate Richardson Stadium Saturday, but to bury it. The last  game at a stadium that, for 44 years, had been home to one of the most storied football teams in the land was attended by 1,234 souls, many of them there to watch their Carleton... [Read More]
Carleton 39 Gaels 8  October 31st, 2015
First Quarter Ctn—TD, Bennett 2 run (Domagala convert) 3:04 Ctn—TD, Birch 45 pass from Mills (Domagala convert) 6:56 Ctn—TD, Behar 42 pass from Mills (Domagala convert) 11:18 Second Quarter Ctn—Single, Domagala 65 punt 7:30 Ctn—Battistelli 2 run (Domagala... [Read More]
Gaels bow meekly from playoffs  October 31st, 2015
By CLAUDE SCILLEY Some days, you can analyze and parse and abstract an athletic event to try and understand why what happened, happened. On this day, it’s not necessary. The reason why the visiting Carleton Ravens were allowed to take a 39-8 football playoff victory out of Richardson... [Read More]
Matt Lapointe coming back to Queen's seeking one more fond memory  October 31st, 2015
By CLAUDE SCILLEY When Matt Lapointe thinks about today’s football game, it’s not so much in the context that it could be his last. It’s not so much about the fact that the fifth-year lineman for the Carleton Ravens will be coming home, in a way, to play against his former... [Read More]
Today we learn where football Gaels truly stand  October 30th, 2015
It was a catch phrase from a long-ago television game show of which current members of the Queen’s Golden Gaels likely have never heard. On Saturday, though, they’ll be asked to respond to it, nonetheless. Will the real Queen’s Golden Gaels please stand up. The show was... [Read More]
FOOTBALL NOTEBOOK: Stadium starts to come down, good news out of X, new appointment for ex-Gael  October 29th, 2015
If only those rascally engineers had known, perhaps the one of the bathrooms at Richardson Stadium might have one day been the subject of an April Fool’s prank. That’s because, it seems, they weren’t tied down. That tidbit emerged from the first day of demolition on the... [Read More]
Gaels beaten by Golden Hawks; will host playoff match vs. Carleton  October 24th, 2015
By CLAUDE SCILLEY Two things the defensive unit of the Wilfrid Laurier Golden Hawks did Saturday were vital to that team’s victory over the Queen’s Golden Gaels. Most obviously, the Hawks’ defence recovered a fumble for a touchdown, and took an intercepted pass for... [Read More]
Laurier 49 Gaels 26  October 24th, 2015
First Quarter Qns—TD, Pataki 6 run (Wamsley convert) 1:54 WLU—Safety, Wamsley concedes 4:34 WLU—FG, Mesher 25 9:54 WLU—TD, Henry 38 fumble recovery (Mesher convert) 10:52 Second Quarter WLU—FG, Mesher 15 1:46 WLU—FG, Mesher 14 12:45 WLU—TD,... [Read More]
Gaels get a scare from lowly Lions, escape with 33-32 victory  October 17th, 2015
By CLAUDE SCILLEY TORONTO, Oct. 17—Sure, you came from behind to win the football game. Yeah, you denied the other guy’s last gasp attempt to force overtime. OK, so you clinched a payoff spot. Still, can the Queen’s Golden Gaels possibly feel good about any of those things... [Read More]
Gaels 33 York 32  October 17th, 2015
First Quarter Yrk—TD, Amankwaa 5 run (Naylor convert) 3:03 Qns—TD, Pataki 48 run (two-point convert failed) 4:13 Qns—TD, Corby 103 pass from Hobbs (Wamsley convert) 9:18 Yrk—FG, Naylor 8 14:33 Second Quarter Qns—TD, Pataki 2 run (Wamsley convert)... [Read More]
Playoff berth on the horizon for football Gaels  October 16th, 2015
By CLAUDE SCILLEY Queen’s Golden Gaels can clinch a playoff berth Saturday afternoon when they visit the York Lions in an Ontario University Athletics football game in Toronto. A win would give the Gaels, 4-2, five victories, and not only put themselves out of reach of the bottom five... [Read More]
Calgary remains first in football poll; Queen's still in at No. 10  October 13th, 2015
With all but two of the nation’s Top 10 university football teams idle last week, there was not much capacity for change in the weekly ranking—and as a result, there was none. For the fifth week in a row the Calgary Dinos are the top-ranked team in Canadian Interuniversity... [Read More]
Re-born Ravens clinch first football playoff berth  October 10th, 2015
Carleton Ravens clinched the first playoff berth of their modern era—and the first since 1996­—when they whipped the York Lions 52-0 Friday night in an Ontario University Athletics football game in Ottawa. The win lifted Carleton’s record to 5-2, and moves them two... [Read More]
Gaels stun Guelph with 23-15 victory  October 3rd, 2015
By CLAUDE SCILLEY The seeds of the Queen’s Golden Gaels’ stunning 23-15 victory over the Guelph Gryphons Saturday were sown about 53 weeks ago. To say the memory of the 66-0 whipping they took at Guelph a little more than a year ago lingered as this week’s rematch... [Read More]
Gaels 23 Guelph 15  October 3rd, 2015
First Quarter Qns—Safety, Ferraro concedes 6:14 Qns—TD, Pataki 1 run (N. Dowd convert) 8:36 Second Quarter Gph—TD, Augustine 3 run (Ferraro convert) 12:22 Third Quarter Qns–TD, Del Brocco 108 pass from Hobbs (Wamsley convert) 10:13 Fourth Quarter Gph—TD,... [Read More]
Gaels 37 Toronto 18  September 27th, 2015
First Quarter No scoring. Second Quarter Qns—Single, Wamsley 46 punt 2:02 Qns—TD, Hannon 6 pass from Hobbs (Wamsley convert) 12:46 Qns—TD, Corby 54 pass from Hobbs (Wamsley convert) 14:51 Third Quarter Tor—TD, Hobbs 1 run (Iafrate convert)... [Read More]
Gaels get a scare, score late to clinch victory over Toronto  September 26th, 2015
By CLAUDE SCILLEY TORONTO, Sept. 26—It was not, the Queen’s Golden Gaels seemed to conclude, what they wanted to see: a scoreboard that showed them just four points ahead of the Toronto Blues midway through the fourth quarter of their football game. Two impressive Toronto drives... [Read More]
Blues aim to end 40-year drought against Queen's  September 26th, 2015
By CLAUDE SCILLEY It was a long time ago. The price of oil had just cracked $13 per barrel, as North America felt the pinch of its first energy crisis. Pierre Trudeau was prime minister; Gerald Ford was the U.S. president. If your had an average income, $14,100, you could probably afford... [Read More]
York gains first win, McMaster suffers first loss  September 20th, 2015
In two games where something had to give Saturday, the York Lions won their first game of the season and the ranks of the undefeated fell by one in Ontario University Athletics football play. At Waterloo, the Lions took an 18-point lead in the first half and hung on to defeat the similarly... [Read More]
Silver linings for Queen's in the clouds that hung over Western victory  September 19th, 2015
By CLAUDE SCILLEY LONDON, Sept. 19—It was perhaps a measure of the relative maturity of the two teams. Queen’s Golden Gaels, a team that remains among the youngest in Canadian university football, committed two turnovers early in their football game here Saturday, and the... [Read More]
Western 48 Gaels 25  September 19th, 2015
First Quarter Qns—Single, Wamsley missed 30 FG 4:41 Wes—TD, Taylor 6 run (Kelly convert) 6:31 Qns—Safety, Kelly concedes 9:51 Wes—TD, Colerile 63 interception return (Kelly convert) 13:56 Second Quarter Wes—FG, Kelly 11 3:14 Wes—TD, McMaster 3 pass... [Read More]
Gaels stumble along the way, but still gain victory over Waterloo  September 12th, 2015
By CLAUDE SCILLEY It was wet, it was chilly and it was windy at Richardson Stadium Saturday afternoon, the kind of stuff to make even the most obedient frosh stay away from a game that is usually one of the best attended of the season. Stay away they did, and the way his team was playing in... [Read More]
Gaels 47 Waterloo 24  September 12th, 2015
First Quarter Qns—TD, Andrews 15 run (Wamsley convert) 14:27 Second Quarter Qns—TD, Andrews 11 run (Wamsley convert) 1:42 Wat—TD, Diing 20 pass from McConnell (Girard convert) 11:22 Qns—TD, Hobbs 1 run (Wamsley convert) 14:37 Wat—TD, Fassulo 39 pass from... [Read More]
Queen's could have done better by its football Hall of Fame inductees  September 11th, 2015
It’s happened very seldom in a career of more than 40 years. I can count on the fingers of one hand the number of times when I was covering an event and was struck by the thought that I didn’t want to be there—not there, as in at the event; but there, as in a press box,... [Read More]
Gaels hope for rebound performance Saturday  September 10th, 2015
By CLAUDE SCILLEY In one sense, it’s a football game no one expects the Queen’s Golden Gaels to lose. It's also going to be one that's difficult for them to win, in the sense that even if they prevail, it may be difficult for them to emerge with the euphoria that typically... [Read More]
Gaels falter in decisive defeat at Ottawa  September 7th, 2015
By CLAUDE SCILLEY OTTAWA, Sept. 6—In the final six minutes of the first half of their game Sunday afternoon, the Queen’s Golden Gaels ran nine offensive plays, gained yards on two of them, took two penalties, allowed two sacks, shanked a punt, gave up a safety and threw an... [Read More]
Ottawa 41 Gaels 17  September 6th, 2015
First Quarter Qns—FG, Wamsley 18 9:22 Second Quarter Ott—TD, Bailey 13 pass from Wendel (Ward convert) 1:20 Ott—FG, Ward 46 8:19 Ott—TD, Wendel 5 run (Ward convert) 12:00 Ott—Safety, Wamsley concedes 12:44 Ott—TD, Baines 42 pass from Wendel (Ward... [Read More]
Importance of Gaels game belies the time of year  September 5th, 2015
By CLAUDE SCILLEY Most years, it would be beyond trite to speak of a football game eight days into the season in terms of its potential impact on the playoffs. To overstate the importance of a match about to be played before the student body so much as arrives on campus normally would be an... [Read More]
Quarterback debuts  September 5th, 2015
Performances by quarterbacks since 1989 in their first start for the Queen’s Golden Gaels: Tim Pendergast, Sept. 9, 1989—6-for-17 (.353), 92 yards, 0 touchdowns, 2 interceptions; Queen’s defeated Ottawa 13-9. Steve Othen, Sept. 11, 1993—7-for-14 (.500), 142 yards, 2... [Read More]
Gaels shine in come-from-behind victory over Carleton  August 30th, 2015
By CLAUDE SCILLEY If the Queen’s Golden Gaels displayed anything Sunday afternoon, it was that they seem better equipped to overcome adversity than they were a year ago. Certainly, there were enough occasions where that kind of resiliency was required, even in a game that ultimately... [Read More]
Gaels 34 Carleton 24  August 30th, 2015
First Quarter Ctn—TD, Brown 16 pass from Mills (Domagala convert) 5:21 Ctn—TD, Behar 74 pass from Mills (Domagala convert) 8:50 Qns—TD, Corby 10 pass from Hobbs (Wamsley convert) 11:36 Second Quarter Qns—TD, Andrews 1 run (Wamsley convert) 8:27 Ctn—FG,... [Read More]
Gaels open the season against Ravens Sunday  August 29th, 2015
By CLAUDE SCILLEY There are very few secrets in football anymore, and it’s certainly not a secret that the last time they met, the Queen’s Golden Gaels ran the Carleton Ravens into the ground. As they beat Carleton on the final day of the Ontario University Athletics... [Read More]
New quarterback had his eye on Queen's for a long time  August 29th, 2015
By CLAUDE SCILLEY Sunday afternoon, Pat Sheahan begins to see if the stuff that caught his eye three years ago about a young quarterback from Mississauga was truly the portent of something special. Nate Hobbs, the young man who intrigued the Queen’s Golden Gaels coach that day, will... [Read More]
Guelph, Western the teams to beat this year in OUA football  August 28th, 2015
Typically, when a football team loses its quarterback, it can expect to take a step backwards relative to the pack, no matter how promising the new man may be. In Ontario University Athletics, this is not a typical year. Quarterbacks have graduated at an unprecedented rate, introducing an... [Read More]
New stadium project is on schedule  August 27th, 2015
By CLAUDE SCILLEY Fans at Sunday’s football game at Richardson Stadium won’t be able to see any of the work that’s been done for the new facility these past six weeks. But they will be able to park on it. All people at the Ontario University Athletics season opener will... [Read More]
Gaels edged by Concordia in preseason test  August 23rd, 2015
By CLAUDE SCILLEY MONTREAL, Aug. 23—They really didn’t look like two rookie quarterbacks. Not quite a rookie—he took a handful of snaps last year, mopping up in a few games as a freshman—Nate Hobbs of the Queen’s Golden Gaels looked terrific in his first... [Read More]
Concordia 21 Gaels 18  August 23rd, 2015
First Quarter Con—FG, Treloar 42 1:21 Second Quarter Con—Safety, Wamsley concedes 0:05 Qns—TD, Del Brocco 25 pass from Hobbs (Wamsley convert) 3:39 Qns—Safety, Johnson tackled 8:18 Qns—FG, Wamsley 41 13:12 Third Quarter Qns—Single, Wamsley 80... [Read More]
Nick Romanchuk eager to play football again  August 21st, 2015
By CLAUDE SCILLEY Nick Romanchuk finds himself in an interesting situation. By virtue of it being his fifth year with the Queen’s Golden Gaels, it would be incumbent on him to be a leader among the team’s offensive linemen, and Romanchuk is eager to embrace the role.... [Read More]
Gaels camp holds the key to answering many questions  August 17th, 2015
By CLAUDE SCILLEY It doesn’t happen very often around the Queen’s Golden Gaels. In fact, this is just the second time in the last 10 years that the football team has gone into a training camp without an incumbent quarterback. A five-year run by Danny Brannagan ended in 2009 with... [Read More]
Three teams, 18 new members for Queen's football hall  July 30th, 2015
Queen’s Football Hall of Fame will swell by 18 members and three championship teams when it holds its induction ceremony Friday, Sept. 10. The university has announced that 10 new builders and eight players will enter the hall at a banquet at the Isabel Bader Centre for the Performing... [Read More]

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